Fortsæt til hovedindholdet
English - Pastoral Care



The conversations on are confidential, anonymous conversations. The anonymity establishes a space free of prejudice where gender, age and appearance will not be an important factor in the conversation. Those contacting will therefore not be affected by preconceived ideas, experiences, or prejudices about who the pastoral carer that they chat with is – and vice versa. The anonymity aid topics in the conversation that might be considered tabu in a physical space. The anonymity in the digital chat helps creating a safe space for both you and the pastoral carer.

Can I find out who the pastoral carers are?

Unfortunately not, because the anonymity covers both those reaching out in the chat and the pastoral carer. The pastoral carers need to be able to listen and help you without having to simultaneously show their face. But you can be certain that there is an educated and experienced pastoral carer at the other end of the line when you chat.